Catering by the Seiji restaurant
         Seiji offers premium catering services that include menu development, equipment of the banquet venue, serving and preparation of meals. The waiters will take care of the guests. Entertainment in Japanese style provided by our partners will give the event an authentic atmosphere. This format will free you from the hassle of organizing a holiday — you just need to voice your wishes and agree on the menu.
         We have prepared a special offer: "tuna cutting" cooking show! Previously, you had to go to Tokyo to enjoy this spectacle, but we suggest holding a unique event right at your home! The show will be a great addition to any banquet, an unforgettable gift and a real holiday for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine!
         Seiji also delivers in-flight meals. All dishes are prepared in the restaurant and packed in special containers to maintain the required temperature.
         For catering, cooking show and in-flight catering, call 8 (499) 246-76-24. Our managers will clarify all the nuances, orient on the options for organization and cost, and offer the best solutions.

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