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Seiji Restaurant
        Seiji means "honest, sincere" in Japanese. This was the name of the new Japanese restaurant in Moscow, opened in the spring of 2004. The purpose was to show the real Japanese cuisine in a city located at a great distance from the ocean. And despite it being a rather ambitious goal, Nina Chanturia and the other founders were able to achieve it.
         Planning the interior of the restaurant, we tried to capture the spirit of Japan, the special atmosphere of the country. Therefore, everything is done in the traditions of Japanese design: abundance of space, stone inlay, handmade furniture made from expensive wood. Textiles and accessories were brought from different prefectures of Japan.
         The famous Japanese chef Seiji Kusano was invited to head the kitchen. He created a great menu to showcase the richness of Japanese culinary arts.
But Japanese food cannot be prepared without high quality authentic ingredients! And to supply them to Seiji directly from Tokyo, TOKYO FISH was established. Very soon, other restaurants in Moscow began to trust it with the purchase of fish and seafood. TOKYO FISH has become the guarantor of quality. The company's specialists have all the information and control every stage from production to delivery to the restaurant.
         Every week, a special TOKYO FISH flight delivers not only fish, but also Japanese marbled beef, rice and even groceries. The restaurant's meals are prepared with authentic ingredients to convey the true flavor of Japanese cuisine.
All our efforts were appreciated by the guests.
         Seiji has become a favorite vacation spot not only for Muscovites and tourists, but also for native Japanese working in Moscow. Just a year after its opening, it appeared on the rating of the best restaurants in the world, compiled by the expert of the Michelin guide, Giulio Fredi. Then the restaurant was repeatedly noted by Moscow gastronomic guides. Over the years, many successful projects have been created, and Seiji bars have been opened in the best hotels in the capital.
Just like 16 years ago, Seiji remains the benchmark of Japanese cuisine, and its founders are always working to delight guests with the freshest products, high-quality service and a unique interior.

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